Welcome to Trafic Innovation’s new website!

Improving the presentation of our products and services for our customers is an important part of our business and today we take a leap in that direction with our new website. Our focus when developing the new site was to offer a clear and informative web experience that reflects the vision of our company. At Trafic Innovation we always have an eye on the future of road safety and smart cities industry. We constantly think about new ideas that will perfect the performance of road networks and assist their managers. We are very proud of recent innovations our company has introduced. Four (4) years ago we started manufacturing the Deflex, a flexible traffic delineator with great safety features that can be found in North and South America. In 2014 we developed the luminous road sign panel TrafficLED. A thin and lightweight traffic panel, therefore easy to transport and install. This year we have introduced an LED parking sign system to facilitate parking management for municipalities while they conduct road maintenance.

Nouveau site web Trafic Innovation


All of our products and services has its own page on this new website with a wide range of information. Many products, like the Dual Flashing Beacon, are clearly explained not only with text and images, but with an animation and/or video. You will find technical information on all of our products at the bottom of their page. All the content of our site can be accessed through the main menu. If you need assistance to find a page or anything else please call us at 450-623-2580 or email us at

Just as the previous site, this one is equipped with a price request system to make your life easier. It works just like a shopping cart. To add a product or service simply click on the “Add to my price request” icon found on the product’s or Services’ page and enter the desired quantity. You can access your price request at any time and send it to us by clicking on its red icon to the right of the main menu.

The site also has many new features. It is now responsive, this means you can browse it with ease on any of your preferred devices. This blog is a new feature to share about our company, road safety, traffic calming and smart cities. All our product’s technical sheets have been revamped and include the latest information. You’ll find new images and videos to better illustrate the advantages of our products and how they work.

With this new leap we are also committed to being more present on social media, therefore being more available and expanding our contact with our customers. Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube and Twitter to get news in relation to the Traffic Calming industry. We also have a newsletter we send out about once a month. If you’re not already a subscriber you can join the mailing list here.

Your comments and suggestions are important to us. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties with the site or you think of improvements. Thank you for visiting our new site and we hope you enjoy your experience!