What is Traffic Calming?

In the road traffic industry, you’ve certainly heard of traffic calming. A term used to designate the development of infrastructures and measures to reduce road speeds and improve safety. At Trafic Innovation we believe traffic calming is achieved through incentive methods such as radar speed display signs and smart signage that increase driver awareness, instead of coercive or punitive methods such as speed bumps and increased fines that are usually ineffective.

School zone pedestrian LED road sign panel

Many big cities have adopted an incentive approach to traffic calming such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal as well as smaller ones such as Saint-Sauveur, Kirkland Lake and many others that face excessive speed problems.

Traffic calming objectives must be attained free from useless actions and with regard to all road users. A good traffic calming plan starts with proper knowledge of the problem and avoiding first perceptions that are often far from the real cause of excessive speeds. An expert analysis of road traffic will lead to clear solutions towards calmer and safer roads.