Advanced electronic signage

The Kamelion 12.5 is the smallest in the Kamelion line but it offers so many advantages over conventional speed displays. Its color display allows you to display 320 mm (12.5″) digits in green, yellow or red which improves perception and reduces the response time of drivers. Its full matrix screen displays messages or pictograms of awareness that encourage the driver to slow down. To this, two flashers are added to limit excessive speeds. These three elements make Kamelion one of the most efficient speed reduction tools on the market.

Your speed radar road sign device icon


The Kamelion 12.5 becomes a full 7 color matrix speed display. With its 320 x 480 mm screen, it is possible to display digits with a height of 380 mm (15”) while leaving enough space for a text box. The size of the screen enhances the visibility and efficiency of the panel and allows the use of the sign on roads where the speed is greater than 60 km/h. The radar, specially designed, allows the configuration of the speed display. About 20 preprogramed pictograms are available depending on the displayed speed. In addition, the radar allows data collection and stroboscope activation (or RRFB) on the panel, for excessive speeds.

KAM-12,5-B : #37404 (battery pack)
KAM-12,5-E : #37405 (electric)
KAM-12,5-S : #37406 (solar 50W)
Housing : Polyethylene (PEHD) UV treated
Front panel : polycarbonate 5 mm (.188″) antireflection
Environmental Protection : IP65
Weight : 26 lb (12 kg)
Screen format : 320 x 480 mm (12.5 x 19″)
Resolution : 32 x 48 pixels
Angularity : 110° x 80°
Colors : RGB (red, blue, green) for 7 colors
Visibility : more than 300 m (1000′)
MAX. Power consumption : 90 Wh (day) – 35 Wh (night)
Voltage In : 10,8 to 15 VDC
Connector :”Snap-in”, overmolded IP67, 10 mm OD
Flasher : 2 x 18 Watts amber flashers
Communication : USB or Bluetooth, range of 50 m (160′)
Operational temperature : -40 to +65°C (-40 to +149°F)
Box : 914 x 610 x 102 mm (36 x 24 x 6″)
Weight : 28 lb (13 kg)