Advanced electronic signage

Kamelion is much more than just a variable message sign. This is a sign that will meet all your needs for interactive road communication. Built to meet the standard dimensions of a 60 x 75 cm ( 23.6’’ x 29.5’’ ) road panel and equipped with a full matrix LED color screen to display any pictogram, message or logo. It is the perfect tool to inform citizens on municipal events, emergency situations, new road signage and more. Assembled with an internal calendar for easy scheduling of intermittent signage. The Kamelion is also equipped with a Doppler radar, it can be used in 3-color speed display mode with 38 cm (15”) digits followed by text and pictogram messaging for your speed control and traffic calming needs.

Icone communication citoyenne


Effectively communicate with the population to promote activities or increase awareness for emergency situations. The Kamelion’s specially designed software and Bluetooth communication makes it easy to make changes to your LED road sign.

Icone signalisation routière


The KAMELION can be used as an intermittent traffic sign. Thanks to its internal calendar, the panel can display a message only when a ban is in effect, or alternate the message according to the schedule. This type of panel makes it possible to clearly indicate the road laws in effect, thus avoiding confusion that hours on a road sign panel can create. The software allows users to display the majority of standard road signs, but also to customize them as needed. The LED display may be permanently lit or flashing according to the programmed time.

Your speed radar road sign device icon


By combining the variable message panel with a specially designed Doppler radar, the Kamelion becomes a full 7-color matrix speed speed display sign. With its 48 x 64 cm ( 23.6’’ x 29.5’’ ) screen, it is possible to display digits with a height of 38 cm (15 ”) while leaving enough space for a text box. The size of the screen enhances the visibility and efficiency of the panel and allows the use of the sign on roads where speed is greater than 60 km / h. The Kamelion’s radar allows the configuration of the speed display. Twenty preprogrammed pictograms are available and programmed for specific speeds with an option for stroboscope activation or RRFB. In addition, the radar allows data collection of passing vehicles for traffic calming and analysis efforts.


Variable electronic road sign Kamelion tech drawing
KAM-PMV-E : #37395 (electric)
KAM-PMV-ER : #37393 (electric + radar)
KAM-PMV-SR : #37394 (solar 100W + radar)
Housing : Polyethylene (PEHD) UV treated
Front panel : polycarbonate 5 mm (.188’’)
Environmental Protection : IP65
Weight : 26 lb (12 kg)
Screen format : 640 x 480 mm (25 x 19’’)
Resolution : 64 x 48 pixels
Angularity : 110° x 80°
Visibility : plus de 300 m (1000’)
Colors RGB : (red, blue, green) for 7 colors
MAX. Power consumption : 180 Wh (day) – 70 Wh (night)
Voltage In : 10,8 to 15 VDC
Flasher : 2 x 18 Watts amber flashers
Connector : “Snap-in”, overmolded IP67, 10 mm OD
Communication : USB or Bluetooth, range of 50 m (160′)
Operational temperature : -40 to +65°C (-40 to +149°F)
Box: 914 x 610 x 102mm (36 x 24 x 6’’)
Weight: 28 lbs (13kg)