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Luminous LED stop sign

Luminous Stop Sign

When approaching the stop line, the bright LED STOP sign immediately draws drivers’ attention to the sign by emphasizing the octagonal contour (a universally recognized shape) using integrated 24/7 flashing LEDs. With its solar panel and batteries, the LED STOP sign is autonomous for a period of at least three (3) days without sunlight, even in winter. The LED STOP is designed to be installed on all types of poles.
Luminous LED stop sign - LED Traffic sign - THIN - Traffic Innovation
Luminous LED stop sign with solar panel - LED electronic signs - THIN - Traffic Innovation

Why choose the luminous LED stop sign?

Icon of sign reinforcing in critical zones - Traffic Innovation


Icon two (2) power sources - Traffic Innovation


Icon for road safety - Traffic Innovation


Luminous LED stop sign - Electronic Traffic Sign - THIN - Traffic Innovation

Activation options

Icon of reinforce the sign in critical zones - Traffic Innovation


Icon of night only - Traffic Innovation

Night only (option)

Icon of radar activation - Traffic Innovation

Radar activation (option)


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Smart cities

Traffic Innovation offers several solutions for intelligent management of urban traffic.

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The safety of our children is our top priority and drivers often need a reminder.

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Visibility and signage compliance are of the utmost priority at pedestrian crossings.

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Work zone

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LED Traffic sign - THIN - Traffic Innovation

THIN LED electronic sign

The Thin LED Electronic Sign has a technology allowing electronic components to be embedded into the thickness of a standard traffic sign.

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200 mm sleeve anchor

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900 mm sleeve anchor

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AC Wall Adapter

Technical specifications of the solar LED stop sign

Technical specifications of the Solar LED stop sign - Traffic Innovation

Solar Power Unit (All-in-one)

Monocrystaline Solar Panel: 10 W
LifePo4 Battery: 12.8V – 9Ah
Solar Charger: MPPT, 10 A, IP67
Connector: 10 mm OD, Male, 6, IP67
Operating Temperature: -40 to +74°C (-40 to + 165°F)
Weight: 4.5 kg (10 lb)

(A) (B) (C) Thichness Weight
24″ (610 mm) 1.8″ (45 mm) 8’’ (203 mm) 8’’ (203 mm) 2 kg (4 lb)
30″ (760 mm) 2.3″ (57 mm) 10’’ (254 mm) .125″ (3 mm) 5 kg (10 lb)

LED Stop Sign

Standard: MUTCD & TAC
Color: Red 626 nm (4000K)
Led Angularity: 30 degrees
Life Expectancy: 100,000 hrs
Luminosity: 100 cd day – 30 cd night
Auto-Dimming: Variable based on ambient light
Voltage In: 10.8 to 15 VDC
Max. Power @ 12 V: 8 W
Connector: 10 mm OD, Male, 6, IP67
Flash Patterns: 0.1 – 0.2 – 0.5 sec or Tri-Flash
Flash Rate: 60 per minute
Activation: 24/7, night only, on-demand
Default Setting: 0.1 sec, 24/7
Back Plate: Aluminum 5052-H38
Reflective Sheeting (Yellow): 3M™ Diamond grade Type XI
Lens: UV-resistant transparent polycarbonate
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Operating Temperature: -40 à +50°C (-40 to +131°F)

Product Number Description Box : Dimenson – Weight HSS Code
Assembly Kit
#37531 24(610 mm) Thin Led Stop Sign, 10 W solar power unit 32x 32 x 8– 21 lb 8530.90
#37532 30 (760 mm) Thin Led Stop Sign, 10 W solar power unit 18 x 28 x 14 – 21 lb 8530.90
#37705 Single Flashing Beacon, red, black background, 30 W solar power unit 32 x 32 x 8 – 26 lb 8530.90
Activation Options
#38129 Software for configuration or night only activation (USB Dongle + Software) Included in kit box N/A
#36900 Radar Vehicule Detector Activation (software kit required) Kit box (+ 2 lb) N/A

Included with Assembly Kit : Installation hardware for 2 Telespar post, 2-3/8 round post, 4″+ round post. 2 (two) year Limited Warranty againts defects in workmanship and materials. Smart USB Dongle required to change configuration of the stop sign.