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Advanced electronic speed signage

The full matrix speed display Kamelion Texto offers so many advantages over conventional speed displays. The screen allows you to display 320mm (12.5″) digits in green, yellow or red which improves driver’s perception reaction time. The full matrix text box will display pre programmed or programmable pictograms, emojis or text messages that interact positively with drivers. Two built-in RRFBs can be set if needed to alert when excesive over-speeding is reached. These three elements make the Kamelion one of the most efficient speed reduction tools on the market.

Full matrix speed display Kamelion Texto - Traffic Innovation
Kamelion's speed radar display line - Traffic Innovation
Speed display icon - Traffic Innovation


The Kamelion Texto becomes a seven color matrix full speed display. Its 320 x 480 mm (12.5 x 19”) color display allows you to display numbers in green, yellow or red which improves the perception and reduces the reaction time of the drivers, and its full screen 160 x 480 matrix mm (6.25 x 19”) Displays text with a human-readable height at a minimum distance of 75 meters that varies depending on the recorded speed.


Adjustable stand-alone Radar

The independent orientable radar allows perfect orientation of the radar with traffic. The radar becomes a traffic analyzer in spy mode when the screen is off. With Bluetooth, the speed camera can be displayed on two screens simultaneously.

Control menu on the radar

Allows quick programming of pictograms, speeds, RRFBs and data collection (Also possible via Bluetooth).

Two built-in super powerful RRFBs

Programmable if needed for excessive speeding drivers. Blink alternately to simulate an emergency light and encourage drivers to slow down. Compliant with the MUTCD standard.

Full matrix screen 12,5″ x 19″

The speed display allows you to show digits from a height of 12.5″. The text can be read up to a minimum distance of 150 meters. Depending on the speed of the driver, the color of the text changes. The Kamelion Texting displays up to 3 digits.

Polycarbonate anti-glare window

This speed display has a better readability thanks to its composition in addition to being unbreakable.

Text height 63 mm

Text can be read from a minimum distance of 75 meters.

Full matrix screen 6,25″ x 19″

  • Display text up to 160 mm high.
  • RGB screen which displays 7 colors.
  • The messages are varied and depending on the speed.
  • More than 10 pre-programmed pictograms.
  • Text up to 2 lines of 12 characters of 70 mm.


Adjust brightness automatically

Afficheur de vitesse Kamelion Texto - Trafic Innovation
Full matrix speed display Kamelion Texto dimensions - Traffic Innovation
KAM-TXT-E : #37411 (electric)
KAM-TXT-S : #37412 (Solar)
Housing : Polyethylene (PEHD) UV treated
Front panel : polycarbonate 5 mm (.188″) antireflection
Environmental Protection : IP65
Weight : 26 lb (12 kg)
Screen format : 320 x 480 mm (12.5 x 19″) – Digits
160 x 480 mm (6.25 x 19″) – Text
Resolution : 32 x 48 pixels – Digits
16 x 48 pixels – Text
Angularity : 50° x 100°
Colors : RGB (red, blue, green) for 7 colors
Visibility : more than 300 m (1000′)
MAX. Power consumption : 90 Wh (day) – 35 Wh (night)
Voltage In : 10,8 to 15 VDC
Connector :”Snap-in”, overmolded IP67, 10 mm OD
Flasher : 2 x 18 Watts amber flashers
Communication : USB or Bluetooth, range of 50 m (160′)
Operational temperature : -40 to +65°C (-40 to +149°F)
Power Sources : Batteries located in the solar power unit (Lithium)
(Optional AGM batteries into the display unit)
Box: 914 x 610 x 102 mm (36 x 24 x 6″)
Weight: 28 lb (13 kg)