For how many years has Traffic Innovation been in business?

The company was founded by Robert Laforce in 1999 in St. Eustache. In the beginning our product line consisted of only seven (7) road safety products and we had a  small team of five (5) employees.

In 2002 the TRV-7 beacon, a Traffic Innovation product, was adopted by the Quebec Ministère des Transports (MTQ) as a mandatory and much safer standard in road work zones. The beacon quickly becomes the no.1 visual landmark on construction sites throughout the province of Quebec.

In 2010, the company acquired a new building with twice the size and can accommodate both increased production and a growing team.

In 2015, the road construction site products division was sold to Spectralite Signoplus, to better focus the company on products that meet the needs of tomorrow’s smart cities. The company’s ambition is focused on “Vision Zero”, which represents building technologies that reduce fatalities on the roads.

Today, we offer more than 50 innovative technology products installed all across North America.

Which radar speed display sign is best suited to my needs?

Our product line includes several types of speed displays. Some are smaller and economical for residential streets, others are designed to reduce speed on large boulevards. We have mobile trailer speed displays to allow rotation to several locations. The majority of radar displays have a road counting feature, the Kamelion line allows to display text messages and pictograms for an educational effect. Contact us today, we will be happy to advise you on the ideal speed display for your needs.

What warranty do you offer with your products?

Products Manufactured by Traffic Innovation inc.
All electronic products manufactured by Traffic Innovation inc. are covered by a two (2) year Warranty for all manufacturing or material defects. Static products are covered by a one (1) year Warranty.

Products Distributed by Traffic Innovation inc.
For products distributed by Traffic Innovation inc., we honor the manufacturer’s Warranty.

Warranty Limitations
Abusive or improper use of the products, as well as any act of negligence and other misuse of a product can revoke the Warranty.

In effect
The Warranty is in effect starting from the date of delivery of the product and expires two (2) years after that date.

Do you install your products? What territory do you cover?

We offer an installation service for all our products as well as a technical support and maintenance. We cover the entire province of Quebec except for the northernmost communities. For support outside of Quebec, we can refer you to a qualified local team.

What is to gain from a professional road traffic analysis?

A road traffic analysis following the data collected by the TMS-SA traffic analyzer can offer several solutions to traffic jam and speed problems. It can also help produce feasibility studies.

Why do you suggest using a radar speed display sign rather than a speed bump for traffic calming?

The speed display sign has many advantages over the speed bump. The most important one is its coercive intervention as opposed to a punitive one. This means that only drivers with speeding behaviors will be affected by the device instead of penalizing all drivers with a speed bump.

What is Traffic Innovation’s mission?
We offer innovative products and services to support municipal road network managers in making traffic safe, fluid and user-friendly for all users.
What innovations has Traffic Innovation introduced to the road safety industry?

In the early augths, we introduced the TRV-7 road beacon to the market and it quickly became the mandatory MTQ standard in road work markings in Quebec.

In 2010 we designed the Deflex, a flexible delineator with several road applications. The Deflex is unique on the market thanks to its flexible polymer monohull and embedded 3M reflective sheeting stripes. The Deflex can withstand more than 100 impacts and maintain its delineating function.

Throughout the last decade, Traffic Innovation has been a leader in radar speed display sign sales in Quebec, a means of speed reduction that was foreign to Quebec before our product presentations.

In 2014 we designed a new technology of a LED road sign only 2 to 3 mm thick named THIN-SIGN. With its light weight and ease of installation, this panel has started a true revolution in light signaling. Since then, we have deployed a network of LED light panels across America. This expansion has proven the effectiveness of the product and the beginning of a new era for municipal signage management.

How can we get the price of a product?

Our website has a price request system. It works just like a shopping cart system. To add products to your request, simply visit the page of the product you would like a quote for and click on the “Add to my price request” icon that turns red when hovered by the cursor. The product will be added to your request, which you can access by clicking on the “My price request” icon on the top right of the page. Follow the steps to submit your request.

Please call us at 450-623-2580 or 1-866-623-2580 to talk to one of our Sales representatives, who will be happy to listen to your needs and advise you on the appropriate product solutions.

Why are your traffic analyzers available for rent?

In some cases, municipalities need to carry out a traffic analysis for a specific area and for a short period of time. Having the option to rent a device makes it possible to analyze a traffic problem and then consider the appropriate road change.

A traffic analyzer can also be rented to carry out a feasibility study.

Do you ship your products?

Yes, we ship our products all over the world. Additional fees may apply.

I would like to purchase Deflex delineators, but I need a specific color. Do you offer colors other than those shown on your website?

Yes, we can manufacture Deflex delineators to the color of your choice, for a minimum quantity or additional costs.

Is Traffic Innovation a manufacturer or a distributor?

Traffic innovation is a manufacturer and also has a network of distributors all across the Americas.

We have a speeding problem on one of our streets; what are the best traffic calming measures?

Ideally you would need to perform a traffic analysis first, using the TNS-SV. This makes it possible to better identify the problem and answer several questions such as: At what time of day is speeding the most frequent? How bad are the speedings?

One of our road traffic experts will also do a visual analysis of the street, taking into consideration several factors including signage, curves, elevation, adjacent streets and bike lanes as well as the environment.

A radar speed display, delineators and new signage are among the potential solutions. Every street is different. We have the expertise and products to address the majority of speed problems, the important thing is to correctly identify the source of the problem first.
Drivers aren’t observing crosswalks in our neighbourhood. How can we improve the situation?

Each street has a different traffic flow, so an analysis of the problem by a one of our experts is required to properly identify the source. In most cases, lack of respect for crosswalks comes from inadequate road signage.

We have developed a lightweight, easy-to-install RRFB rectangular rapid-flash beacon system that effectively captures the attention of approaching drivers. This rapid flash system is offered with a wireless push button that activates the flashing and warns drivers of the presence of a pedestrian. For more information, visit the product page in the LED electronic signs tab.

What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming is a technique deploying means to improve road safety for all road users including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic calming aims to encourage safe driving, make drivers accountable and reduce traffic on the roads. At Trafic Innovation we offer several traffic calming solutions including speed displays, LED signage, high visibility delineators, flexible bollards, street name signs, and bike lane chicanes to name a few.

What is a "smart city"?

Smart City is a vision of sustainable urban development that integrates connected technologies to improve and simplify its urban management. The goal of making a city smart is to increase the quality of life of citizens by meeting their needs through the use of new technologies.

At Trafic Innovation we contribute to smart cities with products that are at the cutting edge of technology in the industries of traffic calming, street maintenance and signage in general. We work at promoting road safety in a user-friendly way for all road users. 

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