Our mission


To offer innovative products and services to support municipal road network managers in their task of making traffic safe, fluid and user-friendly for all users.


In a context of continuous evolution and sustainable development of an intelligent road network, Trafic Innovation’s vision is to be at the forefront in offering solutions in partnership with an efficient network across America.



Respect is a living culture that translates into concrete actions.
Respect is expressed by encouraging each person to achieve his or her own goals by making room for initiative and involvement in organizational projects.
Respect allows each individual to cultivate a sense of belonging and pride.
Respect is treating our partners with consideration, empathy, diplomacy and humility.

Innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity are the driving forces of the company to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. These values stimulate the pleasure of taking on challenges and allow us to stand out.
Innovation is our strength, the team is committed to going to the end of their ideas to materialize the mission and vision of the company.


Initiative is a key value that constantly pushes the limits. Proactive and enterprising, its employees are proactive and enterprising, proposing new ways of doing things, then committing themselves when the solution is right.

Customer focus

The customer is the priority, it is at the heart of our ambitions and our concerns at all times. Customer satisfaction mobilizes all our resources and skills.

Integrity, honesty and loyalty

Integrity, honesty and loyalty govern our practices and decisions in all circumstances.

Profitability and objectives

The common goal of our team is to maintain a constant profitability which constitutes a duty In our daily practices. Profitability and economic performance must be at the respect for environmental rights and good ethical practices.

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